The National Association of Student Affairs Professionals (NASAP) was founded on the campus of Howard University, Thursday April 1, 1954, in Wheatley Hall. Its origins can be traced back to two parent organizations: (DOWA) – the National Association of Deans of Women and Advisor of Girls in Colored schools founded in 1929, and the (DOMA) – the National Association of Personnel Dean of Men at Negro Educational Institutions, in 1935. In a joint business session, delegates of the two parent organizations founded NAPW – the National Association of Personnel Workers. Today we are known as the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals.

NASAP provides and sponsors several programs and events which address the nature and needs of our students and professional development of student affairs professional facilitating those programs and services.

The Association’s motto, “Work Is Love Made Visible,” is no empty phrase. The motto reinforces a long-standing value of the association, which guides the practice of these professionals and speaks to the nature of work provided by the organization’s officers, board members, and members.

On February 10, 2004, NASAP celebrated its 50th anniversary in Washington, DC on the Campus of Howard University- the founding site of the organization.